I offer hundreds of natural history silk screened t-shirt designs for all phyla, plus neckties, picture books, handpainted resin magnets, handcarved and handpainted balsa wood pens and other gifts. I have been online since 1994 long before shopping carts, google or cell phones. Millenials seem especially challenged by my order form and I can only hope the extreme selection makes up for the ordering process. I started this business with t-shirts in order to defray travel expenses when I was speaking at education conferences about using Grow Lab to teach hands-on-science in the classroom and also using outdoor gardens. I added books and then the Entomologists wanted buggy neckties and it grew like topsey. I hope to have time soon to put more Gardening with Kids resources on the website.

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A tie by any other name - Help me collect the word for silk and necktie in many languages. I would also love to be able to say hello and and thank you! Any corrections would be appreciated: cravat (French), cravate, tail, neck tie, slips (Norway), ensfarvet silkeslips, Syvfoldede slips (Danish), soie, stropdas, stropda (Netherlands), Seiden die krawatte (German), silkki, solmio, silke slips, sioda, corbata (Spanish), solmio, carbhat, gravata, dasi (Indonesia), tselk gapstuk (Russian) krevat, krawat (Poland), gravata (Portugal), binder, kurbata (Tagalog), croata, ca vat, kpabatka. Czech language it is: "kravata" or less common also "vázanka". Silk is "hedvábí", silk tie is "hedvábná kravata". I also know Slovenian (ex-Yugoslavia country) words "kravata", silk is "svila", together it is "svilena kravata". It works also in Croatian. In Hawaiian, "Thank you" is "Mahalo", "You are welcome" is "He mea 'ole", silk is "kilika" and necktie (the closest match) is "lei 'a'i". Gary: The German word for necktie is Die Krawatte. However, during my trips to Germany, I have learned that the alternative word is the one that is most frequently used: Der Schlips. Plural is Die Schlipse. Papiamentu (native language of Curacao): "Dashi"; The Italian word for "tie" is "cravatta" ("cravatte" for the plural) Bow-tie is FARFALLINO (a small butterfly on the neck), Zoltan: Hungarian is "nyakkendo". Dutch word for tie is: Stropdas or Das, word for bowtie is: vlinderdas, "Silk necktie" in Dutch is "zijden stropdas". In Hebrew the word for tie is anivah (pronounced ah-ni-vah) – the word for silk is meshi.